Here are some slides from past talks I’ve given. I’m still not totally convinced of the utility of this, as slide rolls tend to be nearly unintelligible without accompanying narration. But other people seem to do it, and I’ve spent a lot of time on these, so hey: have a look at my slides. In the future, maybe recorded talks that make even more sense will go here.

P.S. Some of the images (especially in earlier expository talks) are not my own. I think most are from Wikipedia, but proper attribution is a work in progress.

Bruhat posets of Hermitian-type symmetric spaces,” 45th ANYSGRMC, 2020.

Ternary arithmetic, factorization and the class number one problem,” M\forallTH For All in New Orleans, 2020.

Sects,” SRAC 2019.

On eponymy in mathematics,” Tulane Graduate Student Colloquium, 2019. (editorial/expository)

The variety of polarizations,” Tulane Algebraic Geometry Seminar, 2018.

A geometric complexity theory primer,” Tulane Graduate Student Colloquium, 2018. (expository)

Everything you always wanted to know about π,” Tulane Graduate Student Colloquium, 2017. (expository)