I wouldn’t have made it this far in math without enjoying the pleasure of teaching and sharing knowledge. I have taught the following courses as primary instructor, and many more as recitation/lab instructor:

MATH/CMPS 2170 – Intro to Discrete Math (Spring 2021)

MATH/CMPS 2170 – Intro to Discrete Math (Fall 2020)

MATH 1230 – Statistics for Scientists (Fall 2019)

MATH 1110 – Probability and Statistics (Summer 2017)

MATH 1160 – Long Calculus II (Spring 2017)

Some of my favorite teaching experiences have been with the Center for Academic Equity at the Tulane University of Louisiana. I was an instructor for their NTC Summer Experience in 2017 and 2018 and have also led Calculus workshops for students affiliated with the Center during the semester.