Where I’ll Be

JMM 2024 (San Francisco)

Where I’ve been (recently)

Mates para todes, Boulder, Nov. 2, 2023

Schubert Summer School and Conference, UIUC, June 2023

MAA Rocky Mountain Sectional Meeting, BHSU, April 2023

Math For All in Boulder, Feb. 25, 2023


Wikipedia’s main page – always has some fun facts

OEIS – the greatest place on the internet

P vs. NP page – has some good links and a collection of false proofs

AMS Grad Student Blog – I used to think out loud here sometimes and am sad they cut off the blogs so abruptly without much explanation

The “first” Aram in algebraic combinatorics

MEET a Mathematician! – do it! Meet one!

Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas, UNAM – is a resource I’ve learned practical things from (formerly MIT’s Electronic Seminar on Mathematics Education)